Information About the Causes of Constant Belching

Constant belching is a problem that many people share. There are a lot of reasons why someone might experience constant belching; burping or belching is a physical reaction that everyone will experience, at least once in a while. Of course if someone is belching all of the time it could mean that there is a problem.

Burping is how the body gets rid of excessive gas in the intestinal tract. The occasional burp is not seen as something that is a major problem, but if someone has a tendency to experience constant belching, this could indicate there are stomach problems that require treatment. To determine the cause of constant belching you will likely have to take a close look at your eating habits, as well as your overall health.

Swallowing excessive air can contribute to constant belching. Some of the habits that can lead to belching include eating fast, drinking carbonated sodas or beer, as well as chewing gum. Another habit that can lead to swallowing too much air is smoking. Any of these behaviors can cause you to swallow excessive air and lead to burping or stomach pain.

Another problem that can lead to constant belching is indigestion. When someone has a problem with indigestion or has a condition such as acid reflux, they tend to swallow more frequently, which leads to burping. Heartburn may be the result of eating spicy food, or food that simply didn’t agree with you, but it could also be acid reflux or a sign of other stomach problems.

Constant belching may also be a sign of a medical condition known as gastroparesis. This condition is due to food being in the stomach longer than what it should because the stomach muscles are injured in some way. When the stomach muscles are weak they cannot push the food through the digestive system; this means that the food will sit in the stomach. When food sits in the stomach too long it can lead to nausea, vomiting, as well as constant belching. To combat this problem you may have to work on your stomach muscles to strengthen them.

In order to treat the problem of constant belching you first have to treat the underlying cause. Some steps you can take to treat this problem would include eating more slowly so that you do not swallow excessive air. You will also want to stay away from carbonated drinks. It is also advisable that you avoid spicy foods, if this type of food causes you to have indigestion.

If your problem is due to heartburn or acid reflux, you can treat this with over the counter antacids. If you can control the acid reflux you should have fewer episodes of belching. In the case that the over the counter medication does not help to reduce stomach acid, you may need to schedule an appointment with your doctor so that you can get a diagnosis. If you do have a health problem that is causing your constant belching, the doctor may be able to develop a treatment plan that will help with your stomach, as well as the constant belching.

If you are burping just once in a while, you probably don’t have any real problem, as this is normal. For those that do have a tendency for constant belching, try the above tips to help reduce the amount of air you swallow, but if that doesn’t work consider seeing your doctor.

Constant belching is uncomfortable and embarrassing; you don’t have to live with this problem as long as you are proactive about treatment.

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