Information on the Cause and Treatment of Constant Hiccups

There is no doubt that constant hiccups can be a source of irritation. To understand the problem of constantly having hiccups, you will first need to understand the cause. Someone will hiccup when there is an involuntary spasm in the diaphragm and the vocal cords close rapidly.

When someone has an episode of hiccups they will usually last anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours, but in most cases no longer than this. Unfortunately there are some people who may experience constant hiccups, or episodes that will last for days. An episode of hiccups that lasts more than a couple of days is considered an extended period of hiccups, but if the episode lasts longer than a month, it is then considered to be a chronic condition.

Constant hiccups may actually be indicative of an underlying health condition. There are several medical conditions that may cause constant hiccups; these include such conditions as pneumonia, alcoholism, bowel disease, pancreatitis, cancer, as well as liver problems. Of course you may also have hiccups after surgery, and in some cases tumors could cause a problem with constant hiccups.

Treatment for constant hiccups may not be a major problem, but before it can be treated your doctor will have to determine if there is an underlying cause for the hiccups. If there is not a medical reason why you are having hiccups, there are several ways you can treat the problem at home.

One commonly known method of treating hiccups is to hold your breath for a short period of time; this will help to increase the carbon dioxide in the blood, which in turn will help you get rid of hiccups.

Another home remedy is to eat a teaspoon of sugar. Many people swear that this will help get rid of hiccups, but if you have constant hiccups it will not likely help too much. Though a lot of people use this remedy, sugar is not a proven way to stop hiccups.

Drinking cold water is also a popular remedy for hiccups. For this method to work you will have to drink a glass of cold water, but do it slowly. The temperature change will relax the esophagus so that the episode of hiccups goes away.

Along with these home remedies for constant hiccups there are several silly remedies that some people claim will stop hiccups. These remedies include pulling the tongue or stimulating the roof of the mouth. No matter what treatment you use to stop hiccups, keep in mind that these episodes usually pass on their own without problems.

On the other hand if you have a problem with chronic or constant hiccups, you may want to contact your doctor to see if there is possibly a medical condition causing your episode of hiccups. If you have constant hiccups it is likely that you have tried every home remedy that is available, but without success.

You don’t have to suffer with constant hiccups, as there are ways to medically treat this problem in most cases. Chronic hiccups are really very rare, so if you do find that you have an episode that lasts more than a couple of hours; don’t worry, as the hiccups will still likely go away soon.

In most cases the major problem with hiccups is the discomfort and anxiety that they cause. Before seeing the doctor you may want to try some over the counter antacid; this may help to treat any digestive problems that are causing your hiccups.

Constant hiccups are treatable in most cases so don’t worry too much, and make an appointment with your doctor if your hiccups do not disappear within a few days.

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